Important Announcements

2019-2020 Information

                     Welcome to the Northwest School of the Arts Rho Kappa Chapter! 

1)  The Rho Kappa Honor Society rewards excellence in the social sciences.  We will hold two interest meetings on September 3rd at 8:00 am and 4:20 pm in trailer MC 463 (Mr. Vitale's classroom)  New students are invited to attend one of these short sessions to learn about the benefits of joining Rho Kappa this year. 

2) Our first required meeting for all members will be held on Tuesday, September 10th at 4:25 in the Library.   We will hold officer elections for the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian positions.  If you have questions,  see Mr. Vitale in trailer MC463.  Applications can be found below.

3)  Our 2019-20 monthly meetings are scheduled for the following times:
Next Meeting => September 3rd- 8:00 am and 4:25 pm --Interest meetings
                             September 10th at 4:25 pm -- 1st Mtg. and Officer Elections
                             October  1st at 4:25 pm         -- Monthly Meeting 
                             October 3rd at 4:25 pm-         --Auditorium for Special Guest Speaker
                             November 12th at 4:25 pm    -- Monthly Meeting
                             December 3rd at 4:25 pm      -- Monthly Meeting
                             January 7th at 4:25 pm          -- Monthly Meeting 
                             January 27th  TBD                -- Induction Meeting in Auditorium (NEW Members)
                             February 4th at 4:25 pm        -- Monthly Meeting
                             March 10th at 4:25 pm           -- Monthly Meeting
                             April 7th at 4:25 pm                -- Monthly Meeting
                             May 19th TBD                         -- Final Celebration

                ​Members may miss no more than two absences each year. 

4) All members must fill out a membership form before the September 10th meeting. There is a $25 annual membership fee which can be paid at the NWSA site .  Any member unable to pay the fee must complete a financial waiver form and essay... see the faculty advisor.

5) All members are required to work 5 volunteer hours during the Fall Semester.  If you need help finding volunteer opportunities, please see the faculty adviser.  Once you have done finished 5 or more hours, complete the volunteer form

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the new year, please e-mail me  


2019-2020 Officers

President- Brandon Turner

Vice-President- TBD

Treasurer- TBD

Secretary- TBD


ICC Representative- Hannah Seiler

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Rho Kappa Forms

New Member form (pdf)


Officer Application form (pdf)


Volunteer Hour Form (pdf)


College Recommendation Request (pdf)