Latino-American Studies Assignments

  Due for Wednesday 8/28 -      Latin American Geography
  1) We will assign each student a Central American nation to research.  You must 

      prepare a short 10 minute presentation on your assigned nation for the class.  

      Begin working on your nation now as your presentation is due in one week on 

      Wednesday, 9/4. A good resource with maps and nation by nation info is found here.

   2) We will begin watching the following movie  about the Colombian Exchange and 

      complete the questions. Its the BEST documentary on the after-effects of the

      European Invasion of North and South America.   

Due for Monday 8/26-        Welcome!  Your journey begins today...  
   1) To understand Latin American history and culture, you have to understand Latin

      American Geography. Begin by identifying the following 32 locations:

Early Civilizations:  Mayan Empire      Aztec Empire    Incan Empire   Nazca Empire    

North and Central American Nations/Territories:

              Mexico     Belize     Guatemala       El Salvador       Nicaragua        Costa Rica

             Honduras         Panama      Cuba     Dominican Republic     Puerto Rico    USA

Key Cities:   Mexico City   Belmopan   Guatemala City  San Salvador   Managua

            San Jose  Tegucigalpa      Panama City    Havana    Santo Domingo   San Juan

            ​ St. Augustine 

Oceans/Bays:   Atlantic Ocean   Gulf of Mexico   Caribbean Sea    Pacific Ocean

2) Then locate the above locations onto the following map.  Please be precise! 

     If this kid can do it, you can too.

3) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus and your completed student Info sheet.  

 If you need help for any reason, please contact me at: