LAS Video Resources

Geography of South America (53 min)

Lost Kingdoms of South America-Ep.1 (54 min)

America Before Columbus (1 Hour 32 min)

Crash Course-Latin American Revolutions (14 min)

Crash Course Nation Building in Lat. America  (12 min)

National Geo- Central American Nations (32 min)

History of Mexico vol 1 of 4 (45 min)

Colonial South American History Lecture (34 Min)

The Storm that Swept Mexico Revolution (1 hr. 57 min)

Simon Bolivar Cartoon Bio Part 1 of 7  (8 min)

Pablo Escobar- Bio  Series (22 min)

Columbia- Warmth of a Smile (52 min)

Ancient Civilizations- Incan and Mayans (49 min)