APUSH Assignments


Due for Friday or Monday 9/7 & 9/10​​ -  English Settlement
1) Finish reading the info for each colony and complete the chart.  It's due today!

 2) Watch Mr. Pate's video about colonial angst.  Hint, Hint...take notes.  It's only 13 

      minutes long and you should watch the whole thing. Bad things happen to those 

     who don't. Remember the girl in the well from the movie "The Ring"?  She's waiting

      for students who turn off the video early.

Due for Wednesday or Thursday 9/5 and 9/6   -Spanish vs. English Settlement
​  1) If we did not finish this video  in class, please watch it.  The professor does an

      AMAZING job of describing the differences between the Northern (Mass Bay) 

      and Southern (Jamestown and Chesapeake Bay) English colonies. It's 25 minutes

      of incredibly useful info. Then answer these questions.  You'll... appreciate having

      watched it when test day arrives.

 2) Start reading the info for each colony and begin filling in the chart.  We will discuss 

     characteristics of the original 13 (actually 12) colonies.  Fun fact-Delaware wasn't 

     really a colony.  It was just three lowland counties of Penn. The chart is due next 

      class on either Friday or Monday. 

Due for Friday or Tuesday 8/30 and 9/3   -Exploration and Colonization Test
​    1)  Textbook readings formally begin with Chapter 2... Read pgs. 40-79  

    2) Answer the following questions:

     a) How did the N. American colonies of the Spanish, Dutch, French and English differ?
    b) Why were death rates so high in early Jamestown (and other southern colonies)?
    c) Explain why Bacon's Rebellion is so important to US history. (pg. 56)
    d) What were the differences between the Pilgrims and the Puritans? (pg. 58)
    e) What were the major differences between the North & Southern English colonies?

     f) What did John Winthrop mean when he called Mass. Bay a "City on a Hill"?

     g) How were the New England Town Meetings a different form of democracy 

        than Virginia's House of Burgesses?
   h) What were the long term impacts of King Philip's War on New England?
   I) Why did the leaders of Massachusetts Bay expel Roger Williams and 

        Anne Hutchinson?

​   3) Rho Kappa, the History Honor Society has an interest meeting on Tuesday (9/3) 

       at 4:25 in Mr. Vitale's trailer.  Drop by for a taste of what's to come this year. Officer

        elections will be held next week at the 9/11 meeting.
  4) Please order the AMSCO guide (any edition is ok).  It can be found at the following link 

       for about $18.95.  (Although optional,  the AMSCO guide is VERY helpful)

 Due for Wednesday or Thursday 8/28 & 29 -       Exploration and Colonization
  1) We will begin with these class notes on early colonial terms today.
  2) The Colonial Era Powerpoints from class have been loaded here if you wish to

          review them.

   3)  Optional (Extra Credit) - Finish watching the following movie about the Colombian

        Exchange  and complete these questions from class.  Yes, its over an hour, but its

        the BEST review on the discovery of the Americas and it will prepare you for the Unit 

        test. If you have the time, this video is well worth it.

Due for Monday or Tuesday 8/26 & 27-      Welcome!
    1) Please finish the summer assignment and have it ready for turn-in today.  The first

         test  is scheduled next Friday/Tuesday and is based on the terms, themes and 

          locations from the summer assignment. 

     2) Please return both the signed syllabus and student information form.

     3) Please sign in at the AP website and enroll in your class section.  You will use the

         following join code based on your class:   

              Period 1A - ZKXXE9                      Period 4B- 7X4QA7          

        This is NOT optional.

        If you are confused or need help for any reason, please do not hesitate to

         contact me at:                             alan.vitale@cms.k12.nc.us