American History 1 Assignments

   Due for Wednesday 9/4 or Thursday 9/5 - Age of Exploration
   1) Please watch the following video about European Contact with the New World.  Then
      answer the video questions at the end of the video on a sheet of notebook paper.
  2) Get acquainted with your textbook... it has been asking about you all summer and can't wait to
      meet you.   Today's reading is short... Once finished, answer the Main Idea Questions A-E

       (Found on the sides of the pages during the reading.)  

       Honors students only:

      Also answer Critical Thinking questions 1-3 at the end of the section.
   3) Don't forget to retake the geography quiz from last week if you struggled.  I will make parent
      phone calls this week and would prefer to talk about positive things. Then again,
      we can talk about bad grades, poor study habits and the NYC Yankees and other stuff that 

       makes people sad.

 Due for Friday and Tuesday (8/30 & 9/3) -- Age of Exploration
1)  Read the following article & answer the questions about Columbus' arrival.
      Then read this second article and answer the questions.  Its longer but it tells a horror story
       that is hard to believe that launched the famous "Black Legend".
  2) Print out the following study guide for the Early Colonial Period.  It will help you organize 

         your class notes and guide you for your next test.

 3) Honors students only:

     Watch this interesting video by a college professor about early American settlement.  Then 

     create 10 questions evenly spread throughout the video (with answers).  Write them as if
     you were the teacher and wanted to make sure your students had UNDERSTOOD the
     video.  Your questions will say a lot about you as a student and thoughtful questions will be
     given a score over 100%.  If you like the video, you'll love college.  If not, you still have time

      to grow.

Due for Wednesday and Thursday (8/28 & 29)-        Welcome to Honors American History I. 

 1) Memorize the following names and locations for a formal quiz!  

 Key Terms:    

  Colonies:        Massachusetts      New Hampshire    Rhode Island    Connecticut    New York

                          New Jersey            Delaware                Virginia              Maryland     N. Carolina

                          S. Carolina             Georgia                 Pennsylvania       Florida

 Key Cities:      Jamestown             Philadelphia          New York City      Charleston     Boston

​                         St. Augustine
Oceans/Bays:   Atlantic Ocean        Chesapeake Bay      Massachusetts Bay    Gulf of Mexico

 2) Then locate the above locations onto the attached maps.  Please be precise!
3) Return your signed copy of the Syllabus and your completed student Info sheet.  

If you need help for any reason, please contact me at: